One of the families that Santa and his elves visited this year was the home of Lucas a preteen with an infectious smile. Prior to the visit Santa contacted Sheriff Jones and asked if he could invite a couple of deputies to tag along on the visit. Deputy Phillips and Deputy McDonald graciously accepted the invitation on behalf of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office. 

Off to Lucas’ home went Santa and his elves where they met up with Deputy Phillips and Deputy McDonald. Santa explained to the deputies not to be jealous if Lucas did not pay much attention to them because after all Santa is the super- hero today. 

Santa entered the house where he found Lucas and his family waiting anxiously for Santa and his “entourage”. Lucas was all a glow and enjoyed opening his gifts with the rest of his family, however the whole time Santa noticed that Lucas’ attention was fixed on the two deputies. Lucas continually turned and looked at the deputies with the biggest grin on his face Santa had ever seen. Of all the smiles of all the visits by Santa, he had never seen a smile as big and as pleasing as the one on Lucas’ face when he looked at the deputies. Now Santa isn’t used to playing second fiddle to anyone but he could clearly see who were the stars of this visit. Santa asked Lucas if he wanted to have his picture taken with Santa but before he could even finish the question he ran over and hugged Deputy Phillips and then Deputy McDonald. They both knelt and together pinned a sticker badge on Lucas’ chest. Lucas then posed for several pictures with Deputy Phillips and Deputy McDonald and eventually even posed for a picture with Santa and his elves.  

A special thanks to Sheriff Jones and especially Deputy Phillips and Deputy McDonald for making the Christmas of 2018 one of the most memorable ones for Lucas and his family. Truth be told I think even Santa was impressed with Lucas’ response to the deputies.