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Making Grown Men Cry and Enjoying It

What an odd thing to say, “Making grown men cry and enjoying it.” Not to say that the moms don’t cry but it isn’t any fun seeing moms crying. Perhaps Santa needs to explain, so here goes. The vast majority of the work I do traveling the world delivering toys to boys and girls is […]

The Practical Joker and Hanging with Santa

JJ a preteen was bedridden and in and out of the hospital for months. Santa, along with a couple of Elves and Members of the Rancho Cordova Police Department were able to catch JJ and his entire family at home a few days before Christmas. JJ and his family had been so busy dealing with […]


One of the families that Santa and his elves visited this year was the home of Lucas a preteen with an infectious smile. Prior to the visit Santa contacted Sheriff Jones and asked if he could invite a couple of deputies to tag along on the visit. Deputy Phillips and Deputy McDonald graciously accepted the invitation on […]

What We Do

How the Santa Project works with families of children with long term, life threatening or terminal illnesses. Santa has a special request line for Tammy and Traci, the two Child Life Specialists that work with the families and hospital social workers to identify the neediest families and pediatric patients that are going through an indescribable […]

Santa Saves the Day

So, the other morning I was having coffee with Mrs. Claus when we heard a knock-on the door. I wasn’t surprised when I opened the door and there he was in all his pink glory the Easter Bunny or “Bugs” as I call him. He usually stops by this time of year just to say, […]